CatholicTide.com is an aggregator of Catholic news, Catholic opinion and Catholic streaming video.  This blog began on June 6, 2010.

The purpose of this website is to bring together and organize the best and the most recent online news, opinion and video of interest to American Catholics and to provide links to Catholic resources.

First, I want to thank God for all the blessings He pours into my life every day and ask Our Blessed Mother and all the Saints and Angels for their intercession on behalf of this project and ask The Holy Spirit for guidance, inspiration, wisdom and perseverance in carrying it out.

I am building this site because I wanted a site like this and I couldn’t find one. There are some other Catholic “portal” sites out there but none of them are exactly what I want so I have been resorting to a system of lists and links and bookmarks to keep myself informed about what is happening in the Church and what people are saying about it.  This “system” has become absurdly unwieldy.   I keep missing things and losing track of things.  Recently it has finally dawned on me that perhaps the time has come to put something together myself.

I wish I could be a Catholic blogger… I have such admiration and respect for the amazing priests, seminarians, religious and lay people who write so eloquently and incisively (and consistently!) about our Church.   It would be so cool to have a blog and write every day about the richness of the Catholic experience and the events in the Church.  But I have been forced to admit that not only do I not have much to say, I don’t even have the skills to say things intelligibly.

But I do have some skills as a webmaster! So perhaps I can make a contribution after all.  If I cannot create the messages, at least I can try to find them and bring them all together in one place to make it easy and convenient for people to enjoy and benefit from them.  I hope this site can be an example of how God uses our weakness (my lack of knowledge and writing ability) to demonstrate His strength (a stronger Catholic presence on the Internet.)

My vision for this site is to have a wide column with blurbs and links to (what I consider to be) the best and most recent Catholic blog posts, video and news items on the net. There will also be columns of links on the side to (what I consider to be) the best websites offering Catholic blogs, news, resources, media and so on.  As I mentioned, I want this to be the site that I was hoping was already out there: a place where I could find everything Catholic in one place.  I am going to work to bring together links to all the most useful, trustworthy, informative and exciting Catholic writing and media on the Internet.

This site won’t be for everyone. After all, I am creating my ideal Catholic portal so it is going to have some characteristics peculiar to me.  For example, I am a Traditional Catholic so you won’t find links to anything advocating the ordination of women.  And I am an American, and a very conservative and patriotic American at that, so you won’t find links to anything advocating the breaking of American laws or undermining western values.

I am Margaret O’Connor Flanigan, the owner and webmaster of this site.  I am a Roman Catholic layperson.  I am an internet marketer and webmaster by profession.

UPDATE: I am shutting down the news and opinion updates on this website because I find current affairs in the Church too depressing and disturbing to think about.

I urge you to stop reading all the horrible stuff on the internet and say a rosary or mow your neighbor’s lawn.

God bless you.